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Fixing the Roof

Generate More Sales

By Offering Customers The Financing They Need
Fixing the Roof
A simple and fast funding process

You can receive a decision within 1 day and funding of $20,000 to $1,000,000 as soon as 1-2 business days.

Use the funds as you choose

Need to expand? Want to take advantage of volume discounts?  Need to better manage your cash flow needs? It's your business, so you decide how to use the funds.

We focus on small businesses

We work in the unique space of small and medium size businesses.  We work to get money for you while you remain focused on building your business.

The minimum qualifications of our providers are less intensive than those of banks. 

We focus on getting you quick approval and fast funding.

$20,000+ Monthly Revenue
4+ Months In Business
600+ FICO Score
Simply Get Back With Your Bridgepoint Agent

No Recourse Customer Financing For All Credit Types

One Online Application For Best Offers

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The Best Lenders For Each Industry

Solve The "Affordability" Issue By Offering The Right Financing For Your Customers.

  • Immediate approvals and fast funding

  • Many lenders equals more approvals while protecting your profit margins

  • Programs for all credit levels, including 2nd chance financing for low credit

  • No Recourse to you if they default

Financing Attracts More Customers

Research Shows  Benefits Of Offering Financing Options To Your Customers

  • Increase average ticket size by up to 85% and encourage upgrades / add-ons

  • Improve store traffic and phone orders by over 20% via promotional offers

  • Increase sale conversions by making the purchase more affordable

Simple and Fast While In The Field

No equipment needed and the simple online application provides instant approvals

  • Your own private branded page for your customer applications

  • Financing from $300 - $100,000 and terms of 1-15 years.

  • Instant decisions and programs for most all credit levels

  • Low cost and easy setup (start offering financing in as little as 48 hours)

How Does It Work?

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