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Still have questions? 

No problem.  We understand the decision to get funding for your business, and selecting the right provider is not a trivial decision.

We have collected and answered the questions we most commonly receive.

If you don't see the answer to your question, your agent can assuredly provide you with your answer.  You can also contact us directly at or (864) 527-0489.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is BridgePoint Services?
BridgePoint Services is the leading online platform for Small Business Owners to find and optimize funding solutions. The company is dedicated to creating a better world of funding for businesses. BridgePoint Services uses its proprietary technology to nurture each business throughout the funding cycle. Business owners receive a unique opportunity to have all of the top alternative lenders preview their file for consideration. ONE STOP – BEST OFFER GUARANTEE!


Why should I apply for a business funding through BridgePoint Services?

BridgePoint Services is an independent company providing a free service to small-to-medium businesses in the US. Because we don’t provide the funding ourselves, we are working for you in order to help you find the right funding from the right lender. These are the main benefits of choosing BridgePoint Services:

  • Tailored submission process helping you improve your "fundability"

  • Easy application process

  • Receive funds within days

  • Flexible terms to suit your business

  • Get $10,000 up to $1,000,000 for any business purpose

  • No charge to apply

  • High approval rate

  • Easily collect, compare and choose the best funding option


What are the funding terms and amounts?

Generally, the minimum funding available from our partners is $10,000, and the maximum is $2,000,000, but businesses usually apply for up to $500,000. If you require an even higher amount, we do have lending partners that fund up to $2 million. We also have lenders who will fund as low as $5,000. Our funding is unsecured, which means that you don’t have to tie up your business assets. Repayments are flexible and are based on your monthly turnover. Funding terms are from 3-24 months.


What is the interest rate?

Business funding repayments are not based on interest rates. Instead, you get a total payback amount, which is agreed upfront. This payback amount is based on your business type and your funding term. This funding structure is beneficial for your business cash-flow because you will know your total costs upfront.


How quick can I get approved for funding?

Applying for funding through BridgePoint Services takes just a few minutes. Our lender partners generally approve funding applications quickly. You could get approved in as little as 3 hours. Please note this time frame depends on the lender provider receiving all required documentation on time.


What are the requirements to apply for funding?

  • Minimum of 4 months in business

  • $10,000 minimum monthly revenue

  • 4 months of Business bank statements

  • Owner's personal credit FICO score 500+

  • Copy of owner(s) driver’s license

  • Voided Check

**Please note: Depending on your lender, other financial criteria may apply.


How much does it cost to apply for funding?

There is no charge to apply for funding through BridgePoint Services and applications are obligation-free.

Will I need collateral or are these loans "unsecured"?

No, you will not need collateral.  Yes, the funding is unsecured. No security means you do not tie up your business assets.

Which industries do you provide funding?

Funding is granted to US businesses across all for-profit industries, including the following:

  • Real Estate

  • Hospitality

  • Retail & Fashion

  • Manufacturing

  • Hair & Beauty

  • Automotive

  • Trade & Labor

  • Cleaning Services

**And many, many others. We serve over 700 industry types!

What can I use the funds for?

The business funding from our lending partners can be used for any business purpose. It is up to you to decide how you want to use the money. These are some of the most common ways that customers have used their funding:

  • Increase cash flow

  • Pay expenses

  • Purchase stock

  • Hire more employees

  • Upgrade equipment

  • Renovations/refurbishments

  • Marketing

  • Payroll


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