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Supplemental Insurances

Supplemental Insurances

Supplemental Insurances

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Our Supplemental Insurances are designed to you help you

Cover Whatever May Come Up

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Paying You Cash Benefits

Most medical insurance plans pay your doctors or hospital.


Our  supplemental insurance plans pay you directly! It’s that simple.


You can use the money for anything you choose, from helping with insurance deductibles to mortgage payments.


It’s your money, your decision.

Our Supplemental Insurances are Affordable

We represent supplemental insurance policies designed to fit your budget - while bridging the financial gaps when you are sick or injured.

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Protection For Unexpected Expenses.

Illness, accidental injuries and hospitalizations can create unexpected expenses that medical insurance doesn’t fully cover.


Our plans help protect your financial security by paying cash benefits directly to you.

Get With Your Bridgepoint Agent To Protect Yourself Now!

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What if I have other questions? 

No problem, we have answered the questions we most commonly receive at our FAQ page.

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